Consistent performance economically
Improved corrosion resistance
Bending ability for all profiles
Improved colour retention
Variety standard colours


Performance Pre-finished Steel

EnvioPrime is pre-finished steel, a smart solution that provides consistent performance economically in wide variety of exterior decking or interior ceiling and paneling application. EnvioPrime is developed with comprehensive colour selections to accommodate variety of creative ideas and distinct uniqueness in building designs.

With the new and promising warranty that lasts up to 15 years*, EnvioPrime is made in compliance with the current stringent requirements of building materials specification.


Major Usage

Roll from Roofing Sheets for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Roofing. Wall Cladding, Metal Tiles for Residential Roofing, Rain Gutters, Flashing, Fascia Board, Signboard, Roller Shutter & etc.


Improved Corrosion Protection

The pictured sample was the result of 500 hours Salt Spray Test ASTM B117.

Minor oxidisation was observed at the exposed edge.


Improved Durability- AZ 150


Stands for aluminium and zinc, fused in almost equal proportions to coat the steel sheet with a unique silvery spangle, composed of aluminium (55%), zinc (43.5%) and a touch of silicon (1.5%) to achieve perfect harmony with the steel. The result is a combination of the strength of steel, the protection of zinc and the stability of aluminium, GaluZinc is an outstanding product in every way, respecting both the environment and the ”natural beauty of steel…forever”.


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