✓ Texturous and Luxurious Feel
 ✓ Supreme Facade
 ✓ Better for Form Ability & Flexibility
✓ Superior Scratch Resistance
 ✓ Lower Water Permeability
 ✓ Increased Chemical Resistance


Rough Technology

EnvioTEX is the revolutionary textured steel that provides elegant finishing for many application especially panel and facade. With many of the contemporary architectural design desired for stylish sheen envelope, EnvioTEX steel has a few modern colour selections to accomplish the design needs.

EnvioTEX is the revolutionary textured steel that provides elegant finishing. As compared to other painted steel.

EnvioTEX steel has very good colour performance and improved scratch resistant.


Research & Development

The proprietary paint system is a result of extensive R&D testing, including actual field exposure testing. It has been proven that the paint system used for EnvioTEX steel provides superior durability against weathering and UV penetration when compared with other prepainted steel.


How Does It Works

Light diffuse to different direction, which naked eye perceived as matt and elegant finishes.


Improved Colour Retention

ASTEEL utilises optimum paint formulation and inorganic pigment blends to provide excellent long term colour stability for EnvioTEX steel products, gives you a building that lasts longer through enhanced chalk resistance properties that offer a higher resistance level to paint breakdown that happens so often in Asia’s hot climate.


Improved Durability- AZ 150


Stands for aluminium and zinc, fused in almost equal proportions to coat the steel sheet with a unique silvery spangle, composed of aluminium (55%), zinc (43.5%) and a touch of silicon (1.5%) to achieve perfect harmony with the steel. The result is a combination of the strength of steel, the protection of zinc and the stability of aluminium, GaluZinc is an outstanding product in every way, respecting both the environment and the ”natural beauty of steel…forever”.


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