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Steel Material

Flodek Structural Decking is roll-formed from hot dipped, zinc-coated, high strength grade steel strips. The features of ASTEEL structural decking is the profiled steel sheet acting as a longitudinal reinforcement to the composite beams and skabs. It is widely used for concrete slab construction and suitable for concrete, masonry or steel frame building construction.


Material Specifications

FLODEK is manufactured from high tensile steel (min 500MPa yield stress) with a base metal thickness (BMT) of 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.20mm. The galvanised coating class is Z275 (min 275g/m2) in accordance with AS1397:2001. Other base metal thicknesses and coating classes are also available on request, subjected to availability.



FLODEK can deliver cost savings when used in the following types of construction:

a) Concrete frame building

b) Residential construction

c) Multi-level carparks & multi-storey buildings

d) Commercial buildings

e) Shopping centres



a) Permanent formwork

b) Tensile reinforcement, i.e. replace all postitive reinforcement

c) Composite construction, i.e. composite beam design reduces steel frame weight

d) Lower dead load reduces frame and foundation loading

e) Design up to four (4) hours fire resistance with exposed soffit

f) Quick and easy construction

g) Safe working platform

h) Simple construction with no specialized skills needed

i) No or minimal propping requirements

j) High structural efficiency due to high strength steel used

k) Stiffens supporting frame in tall steel buildings

l) Suitable for most ceiling finishes, i.e. painting to soffit, plastering

m) Easily to cut and fitted to shapes

n) Shear studs can be site welded through-deck for composite action

o) Can be used on steelwork, concrete, blockwork, and masonry structures

p) Ceiling and services can be easily suspended using in-house suspension systems


Design Requirement

Table 1 FLODEK material and section properties

+ A zinc coating of total 275 g/m2(including both sides) is sufficient for internal floors in a non-aggressive environment, but the specification may be varied depending on service conditions – EN1994-1-1 4.2(3)


Table 2 FLODEK Maximum un-propped span


Storage & Handling

Panels are delivered to site or specified storage area, in strapped bundles. If not required for immediate use, bundles should be neatly stacked clear of the ground with a fall for drainage and protected by waterproof covers. Do not allow rain or condensation to be trapped between panels. Length manufactured according to shop drawings.

To minimize damage to the sheets, break open bundles only when installation is due to commence. Check to ensure that any temporary supports required are in place prior to installing the decking.

When lifting, it is recommended that appropriate lifting equipment are used. Unprotected chain slings can damage the bundle during lifting. When synthetic slings are used there is a risk of severing them on the edges of the decking sheets.

If timber packers are used, they should be secured to the bundle before lifting so that when slings are released they do not fall to the ground. Bundles must never be lifted using the metal banding.



1. Laying FLODEK

a) Place the FLODEK sheet over the supports ensuring a minimum end bearing of 50mm. If supporting on a brick or masonry wall, provide a separating strip such as malthoid.

b) Then, tap the female rib with a hammer at a 45° angle to lock it into place

2. Reinforcement

Place all reinforcement in strict accordance with the structural engineer’s drawing and specification.

3. Concrete Placement

The specified grade of concrete and any chemical admixtures must be in strict accordance with AS 3600:2001 and the structural engineer’s drawings and specification. The deck must be clear of any excess dirt, grease or debris as this inhibits bonding between the desk and concrete. Ensure that concrete is applied evenly over the decking surface, as mounding of the wet concrete will cause excessive local loading.


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